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I came into art through a side door. As an architect, I needed to strengthen my drawing skills, so I started taking classes at a local college. I discovered I love drawing and continued taking more and more art classes, eventually becoming an art professor myself, hoping to instill my love for art into others. I have since hung up both my T-square and rosters to devote myself to my own art.

Self-portrait with Cat. Oil paint on cardboard. 

I make art to celebrate the wonder I experience. Some work is from observation, inspired by what I see or sense: color, light, form, texture, movement, or expression. Others are more intuitive: arbitrary marks on a surface lead to a response, allowing the work to find its own resolution. Everything plays with abstraction.

I use a variety of media, including charcoal, pastel, graphite, ink, and paints, usually on paper. I love the feel of the materials and the immediacy and intimacy of working with my hands.

My goal is to express and share the splendor I find around me, and hope that those who see my work will be inspired to see more, and delight more, in the richness that surrounds us all. 

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